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Does your communication strategy encompass all channels that are available in the digital world? With Direct Marketing now covering various media (Direct Mail, Email, SMS, MMS, Web) it is important that your communications strategy is integrated and the best medium used for contacting your prospects and customers.

In an On Demand world, your customers expect relevant personalised information delivered in a timely and efficient fashion.

At On Demand Technology our mission is to deliver your digitally personalised communications through the best medium, at the best price, for the best results (return on investment). If it’s by post, PC or mobile, we’ll help you talk to your customers.

So for impartial advice on how integrated personalised communication will help enhance your response rates, improve customer retention and increase your bottom line, please call us on 0845 0132 777 for a friendly chat.

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It looks brilliant – we’re really happy with it! Think it will produce some great results for us. The paper is lovely and I’ll definitely be using this again. Thanks again for all your help with the job – I really appreciated you working hard to get it out early for us. I’ll certainly be in touch with any projects that are coming up in future.

Fiona Brennan
Marketing Executive
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